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When we found out about Maisie’s heart condition, one of the things we wanted to do was hold a little gathering to celebrate her, and have something positive to look forward to.

We’re not the most religious family, but we all love singing hymns and the sense of community you get from church, so we decided to hold an informal blessing for her in our local Methodist church. Lowen has gone to playgroup there since he was 4 weeks old, so we really feel at home there.

So, one Sunday, we gathered some of our closest family and friends together and gave thanks to Maisie. It was the perfect service. Lowen looked so dapper in a linen waistcoat suit, and Maisie wore a beautiful blue dress. We decorated the place with flowers and balloons and did a little slideshow of images of Maisie and the family to music. The minister said some wonderful words, and it was simply lovely to mark the gift of Maisie.

Ben and I both wanted to read something in the ceremony – there is something about saying something out loud to people which really helps to affirm your feelings. We weren’t sure what, but after a little research, Ben read from a Winnie the Pooh quote:

There is something you must always remember.

You are braver than your believe,
stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.

But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you

Ben really isn’t a fan of public speaking, and I knew he would be nervous, but he spoke wonderfully – you could hear in his voice how he felt each word, but he still held it together. He truly did Maisie proud.

I couldn’t find anything that reflected how I felt about Maisie, so in the end I wrote something, a little thank you to Maisie:

Thank you, Maisie

Thank you, Maisie for being here today

Thank you for lighting up our lives,
For bringing sunshine each day, and moonlight each night

Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter,
Loving sister, beautiful grandchild and beloved niece

Thank you for bringing your family and friends together,
For all the memories we already share of you, and the many adventures ahead

Thank you for teaching us what is truly important,
And how to make the most of each day

Thank you for showing us what it means to live:
To share new experiences, laughter, adventure,
And to simply spend time with the ones you love

Thank you for being so sweet and beautiful,
For your sparkling eyes and coy smile that lights up the room,

Your giggles that warm our hearts,
And those excited kicks and finger squeezes that brighten our days

Thank you for giving us those moments of pure elation:
Your gurgles in your bubble bath,
Your eyes watching your mobile at dusk,
Your warm and cosy cuddles in the dark.

Thank you for your strength and bravery
Which in turn helps us to be brave and strong.

Thank you for fighting
For each and every breath and heartbeat

Thank you for giving us all we ever wanted,
And so much more, our little family of four.

Thank you for being so easy to love.

Our Maisie, thank you.

It was a perfect afternoon, and just what we wanted. In true Keverne fashion there was enough food afterwards to feed everyone 10 times over. And we were so grateful for everyone to make the effort to come and celebrate lovely Maisie.

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