When Maisie left us, some people said to me “she is doing better things now”, “she has a more important job to do elsewhere”. I understand the sentiment, but I feel like she already did that job, here on earth. She showed us how to live better lives, and we have to continue that work for her.

When I said my final goodbye to her, in the strange little funeral directors in St Austell, in her perfect white coffin we’d decorated lovingly for her, I made a promise to her. I said that when I was a little stronger, when I could face the day once again, I was going to live – live for her, and live for her brother. I was going to be happy, and make the most of the life I’ve been given. I hoped to make the world a better place, like she had managed to in such a few short months.

One way we are hoping to make a difference, is by fundraising in her name for the Lily Foundation. The Lily Foundation are committed to finding a cure for mitochondrial disease. They also support people whose lives are affected by the condition, raise awareness and fund research into its diagnosis and treatment. Millions of people in the UK suffer from diseases in which mitochondrial dysfunction is believed to be involved, and every day in the UK a baby is born that will develop mitochondrial disease.

We hope that by supporting the Lily Foundation, one day babies like Maisie will survive and live the full lives they deserve.

At the time of writing we have raised an incredible £7,161 in just three months since she died. But we will endeavour to raise much much more…

We have lots of exciting plans in place!

***UPDATE: in time for Maisie’s first birthday, we hit our target of £10,000 and counting – but we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon***

Team Amazing Maisie

We set up Team Amazing Maisie as a way for everyone to come together in their fundraising efforts to raise money in Maisie’s name.

Anyone can join and set up their own Just Giving page which feeds into the Team Just Giving Page. There are so many ideas and ways you can raise money such as:

  • Running, walking or swimming in an organised race, or set yourself your own challenge
  • Organising a cake sale, coffee morning, or supper club
  • Having a raffle at your place of work, social club or family and friends
  • Making something to sell, from knitted hats to hand painted pictures
  • Or anything else at all you can think of!

Join us and find out more about how you could help on our Facebook page…

Future fundraising events:

Daisy Fay’s Nursery’s Charity Fun Day, Saturday 29th June at Tresillian, Carnon Downs and Chiverton Cross Nurseries
Lowen’s nursery has chosen the Lily Foundation as their charity of the year to support with a family fun day this spring! Unfortunately, another sibling who attends Daisy Fay’s nursery also lost their baby sister last year, so all together we will be raising money in the two girls’ memories. More info.

Auntie Abby’s Miles and Mountains for Maisie, 2019, various locations
Abby is seeing the world and doing all those things Maisie wasn’t able to in her honour. She aims to run many many miles for Maisie, ending this year with an incredible climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro!! Donate here.


Items for Sale:

Auntie Jenny’s Knitted Baby Hats, Booties and Stockings
Auntie Jenny has been busy knitting beautiful baby things to raise funds for the Lily Foundation. She has always knitted the most gorgeous things for Lowen and Maisie – some of which, sadly, Maisie was never able to wear. They make the most wonderful presents and are available on Etsy here.

IMG-20181013-WA0000 copy

Past fundraising events:

Auntie Jenny’s Cake Sale: £65.12

Kerry Hoskin’s charity raffle: £50

Amy-Yoga’s Charity Yoga Evening: £120

The Working Boat in Falmouth’s Pub Quiz: £320

Charity Twists and Braids Fundraiser and raffle: £598

Maisie’s first Coffee and Cake Morning: £302.02

Eve and Silvey’s Lovely Cake sale at The Market, Crantock: £211

Baby Sensory Book Swap: £71.14

The Shinty Hangover Ceilidh: £301.57

Helen Taylor’s Marathon Greater Manchester: £392.00

Lindsey’s Pier to Pier Swim, Bournemouth: £790.00

10K in Bristol, A team of 10 of us raised: £1,501